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My practice

I have private practices in The City, London, and London Bridge, offering short-term and open-ended face to face individual counselling and therapy. Working online also allows me to practice further afield, and I provide this service through Zoom. I offer an initial 30-minute telephone or online consultation, which gives you the opportunity to discuss your needs, and find out more about how I work. There is no charge for this service.

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Short-term Counselling

Short-term counselling consists of between six to twelve sessions and is a solution-based therapy with a well-defined goal in mind. Using a structured approach, short-term counselling focuses on improving your life in the here and now. This type of therapy is for clients looking for answers to a specific problem or issue, rather than exploring the causes.

Open ended Therapy

Open ended therapy gives you (us) the opportunity to explore not only your experience in the here and now, but to identify the origins of these issues, and bring about new awareness, gaining deeper understanding of earlier or childhood experiences, and how they impact you in the present. Open-ended therapy is for clients that recognise dysfunctional or destructive patterns of thought, feelings or behaviour, and are struggling to make sense of their experience or make the changes they wish for.

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