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People seek therapy for many different reasons. You may feel lost, isolated and uncertain about where to turn, or may recognise some kind of internal distress, and want to break out of unhelpful repetitive patterns of behaviour but are unsure where to begin. Everyone is unique and life is challenging in its own way.

We all experience difficult periods in life. Perhaps anxiety, frustration, disappointment, and periods of sadness, anger and depression. Generally, these uncomfortable feelings are normal, healthy and useful, and can help motivate us to change, move forward, or address what is challenging us. However, difficulties can appear when we become overwhelmed, isolated, lost or stuck in our thoughts and emotions and they begin to impact on our quality of life.

Often, speaking about our problems with those closest to us is difficult, and can leave us feeling misunderstood and unheard, or listening to other’s problems and experiences. This is where therapy may be useful.

I offer a safe and confidential therapeutic space for you to talk about any issues and concerns. Working collaboratively together, we can explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours in order to gain greater insight and develop a better understanding of yourself.

What issues can therapy help with?

Here are a few of the more common difficulties that can be supported through counselling:

Anxiety/Stress/Panic attacks

Confidence/Low self-esteem

Bereavement and loss

Gender/Sexual identity


Work related issues


Difficulties in relationships

Living well with long-term chronic conditions

Recreational drug use



If you are struggling with any of the above issues, or maybe it's something else, please reach out so we can discuss the options available to you and how I can help.

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